What is the Bar ‘n’ Bus Gap Year?

The Gap Year is an opportunity for you to take a significant amount of time to serve young people within a  local community, engage in an extensive youth work training programme, develop new skills, learn about yourself and grow in your faith. The gap year is run in partnership with the Salvation Army who input into training, accommodation and community programmes during the year.

How Does It Work?

You will work alongside professional Youth Development Workers, other gap year students and volunteers engaging in a range of community based youth work programmes including detached youth work, schools engagements and outreach events.

One day per week, gap year students gather for training exploring youth work practice, faith development and issues relating to young people.  Successful completion of the training programme throughout your year qualifies you as a JNC Level 3 Youth Support Worker, recognised nationally and approved by the National Youth Agency.

Training days also coincide with times of prayer and worship with the wider Bar ‘n’ Bus team.

Accommodation is provided for the year either with local host families or in a student house provided by the Salvation Army at their training and community facilities in Hadleigh, Essex.  Full details at interview.

Do I Get Paid?

This is a voluntary training role which gives you the opportunity to give your time to serve your community, grow in skills and obtain youth work qualifications and training.  All expenses are covered for your work, training, accommodation, and food.  Your hours cover 4 days each week, allowing you time to explore part time employment to gain income should you want to.

How Much Does It Cost?

The gap year is free, however, there is an expectation for all our gap year students to partake in fundraising activities.  You will not be doing this alone and the Bar ‘n’ Bus team, will support you every step of the way!

What Should I Expect to Gain from the programme?

Bar ‘n’ Bus is a Christian charity delivering professional youth work in a community context.  This work is likely to take you out of your comfort zone as we engage and support hard to reach young people, building relationships to make transformational change.

Outcomes you should expect from this programme are:

  • Direct, hands-on experience of professional youth and community work
  • A nationally recognised qualification in Youth Work Practice
  • The opportunity to make a significant difference the lives of young people
  • Time to explore your faith and relationship with Jesus through study and worship whilst serving God’s Kingdom in your community
  • Additional professional youth work training provided through Bar ‘n’ Bus
  • A strong foundation if you were exploring a career in Youth Work.

What will Bar ‘n’ Bus Provide?

  • All expenses of work, training and travel
  • Accommodation and Food Costs
  • Training costs 
  • Line-Management Supervision
  • Regular team meetings with time for prayer and worship
  • An awesome experience!

How to I apply?

If you’re interested in taking part in a gap year with Bar’N’Bus in 2020 or 2021 please contact us

Following positive applications, candidates will be invited to an informal online interview on or near to 21st August.

A Note Regarding COVID-19

Are we allowed to start a gap year at the moment?

Like all employment, you are perfectly fine to volunteer for work as long as it is support permitted activities.  Bar ‘n’ Bus workers obtained key worker status for their programmes during the times of highest ‘lockdown’ restrictions in order to continue support the young people our communities and as restrictions have loosened work has continued to grow.

What about moving into accommodation?

Moving into accommodation, even shared accommodation, is seen as completely acceptable under current government guidelines.  It means that you will form a new ‘household’ with others in your gap year accommodation.  This will mean that that new household will need to adhere to government guidelines regarding the pandemic in order to ensure public safety.  Should restrictions increase again during the gap year, Bar ‘n’ Bus will follow government guidance and ensure both the safety of its team as well as the general public.  This could mean returning to your family home if ‘lockdown’ restrictions are re-introduced.

Will I be Safe if I’m working with young people face-to-face?

All our sessions and activities are risk assessed and include reference to the steps we are taking to minimise the spread of COVID-19.  This means activities delivered will adhere to social distancing guidelines.  We are following advice from a number of national bodies who support youth work regarding how to safely and effectively run programmes during this time. Due to fact that you are working openly with members of the public, there is, naturally, a level of risk which you need to think about before starting this programme.  If you want to speak directly to any of our team about this to help you in your decisions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.