Who We Are

The Team

Jamie Sawtell


Aaron Watts

Youth Development Worker
Castle Point & Rochford

Our History

Bar’N’Bus was founded in 1993 and works in partnership with local churches, councils and schools to serve communities through providing community based youth work and in-school counselling. Working in partnership with local churches, we have delivered thousands of hours of community based youth work utilising converted double decker buses to run volunteer led mobile youth centres. Alongside this work, we provide a professional youth counselling service to local secondary schools, providing young people with the one-to-one support they need.

Our Vision

Bar ‘n’ Bus is a Christian charity working with young people throughout Essex. We work in partnership with local churches, schools, councils and groups to show the love of God to young people through our interventions. We work with teams of volunteers to engage young people within the community. A large amount of our work takes place ‘on the street’, however we also provide in school support through youth work and intensive counselling programmes.

Our Faith

We believe that God loves the world and cares about each individual—wanting them to live full, positive and meaningful lives. This faith leads us to give our time and efforts to seeking transformation in young peoples lives through support, advice and positive activities. We hope to share God’s love with young people, through the programmes that we run.