Bar’N’Bus Gap Year Opportunity

What is the Home Grown Gap Year?

The Home Grown Gap Year is an opportunity for you to serve your local community, develop new skills and grow in your walk with Jesus.

How Does It Work?

You will remain living at home and work alongside a professional Youth Development Worker within Bar ‘n’ Bus engaging in a range of community based youth work programmes including detached youth work, schools engagements and outreach events.

Alongside this placement work, you will enrol with the Youth For Christ Home Grown programme which provides regular training and worship gatherings with other gap year students as well as attending the annual Youth for Christ conference.

Do I Get Paid?

This is a voluntary training role which gives you the opportunity to give your time to serve your community, and grow in skills. All expenses are covered for your work and training (including travel).  Your hours cover 4 days each week, allowing you time to explore part time employment to gain income should you want to.

How Much Does It Cost?

The gap year is free, however, there is a fundraising expectation for all our gap year students.  You will need to raise the Youth For Christ fee of £1495.00, however you will not be doing this alone and the Bar ‘n’ Bus team, as well as YFC, will support you with fundraising every step of the way!

What Should I Expect to Gain from the programme?

Bar ‘n’ Bus is a Christian charity delivering professional youth work in a community context.  This work is likely to take you out of your comfort zone as we engage and support hard to reach young people, building relationships to make transformational change.

Outcomes you should expect from this programme are:

  • Direct, hands-on experience of professional youth and community work
  • The opportunity to make a significant difference the lives of young people
  • Time to explore your faith and relationship with Jesus through study and worship whilst serving God’s Kingdom in your community
  • Additional professional youth work training provided through Bar ‘n’ Bus
  • A strong foundation if you were exploring a career in Youth Work.

What will Bar ‘n’ Bus Provide?

  • All expenses of work, training and travel
  • Training costs and costs of Youth for Christ conference
  • Line-Management Supervision
  • Regular team meetings with time for prayer and worship
  • An awesome experience!

Where can I find more information?

For more details about the YFC elements of the programme see

For more information about Bar ‘n’ Bus visit or email

Click here to download the information and job description PDF.
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